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Platform Features



A mobile friendly solution with customisable filtering and event syncing, allows parents to focus on the events that are important to them. Easily add RSVP or payment gateway capabilities, and provide your staff with their own restricted calendars for complete flexibility.

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Polls are a great way of making your newsletters engaging. Show your parents that their opinions matter. Make them fun or ask serious questions and have the results displayed instantly.

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Google Translate

Translate your newsletters, web pages and app notifications into over 100 languages at the click of a button.

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A great way to gain feedback on more complex subjects from parents and students. With a mobile friendly format, integrate surveys with SZapp, newsletters and websites. Responses are private and are collated or exported from your Control Centre.

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Send unlimited emails to your segmented distribution lists through our Control Centre (CMS).

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Parent Evening Bookings

Parent Evening Bookings will take the headache away when booking appointments. Choose unique time slots and receive confirmation emails.

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Want to know who is reading your newsletters? Every email sent has in depth statistics showing open and bounce rates and more.

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Don’t get stuck having to choose only a couple of images to show parents, display as many images as you want with unlimited mobile responsive galleries.

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Interactive and customisable eForms for absentees, enrolments, sign-ups, excursions and more. Include digital signatures for greater security.

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PDF Print

Generate fully formatted, printable PDF versions of your eNewsletter and calendar.

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Unlimited training and support for your entire team.

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Social Media Integration

Gain maximum coverage of your newsletter by linking your newsletter distributions to your major social networking profiles. There will be no excuse for parents not seeing your newsletters. Vice versa, show your social media feeds across the Schoolzine platform.

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External Submissions

Collaborate with your community and accept external submissions of content for approval before distribution.

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