Steven Rowe

School Liaison Manager

As someone that spends time travelling around the country Steve has to plan his day meticulously. Making sure he is not missing vital school information means that his go to function is the live newsfeed. Having the ability to see real time information keeps things ticking over effectively.

Emily Bannister

School Acquisitions Assistant

Emily thinks that the integration with Google translate is brilliant. In today's multi-cultural society, to be able to view the newsletter in a different language at the click of a button is a great tool. This simple step can enable schools to reach out to every parent, allowing those whose first language may not be English to still engage in school life and celebrate their child's achievements

Hannah Osborne

School Acquisitions Assistant

With three children at different schools, Hannah appreciates being able to keep informed of upcoming activities and give immediate consent electronically, without having to hunt through their school bags for crumpled pieces of paper which they then forget to hand in on time.

Nick Aitkin

Global Development & Operations Manager

Nick loves that we have built a loyal following by offering a hand holding policy to every Schoolzine Liaison tasked with collating and building an eNewsletter with the Schoolzine platform. Our support provides a team of content specialists that will assist you to build and format your newsletter, website pages, surveys and email news flashes. When key staff are sick or unavailable our team steps in to make sure you can still get the job done quickly and to the high standard expected in the Education sector.

Dani Cobden

UK Support and Account Manager

Dani loves how the newsletters really encourage students to create engaging content for the whole school community to see. Whether these are photos of every child finishing the cross country race, a video of the class trip to the fire station or the Mother’s Day poems, pupil contributions showcase that personal touch that parents would otherwise not know exists

Karl Short

Head of Websites and Design

Karl appreciates the system’s ability to control communications across all platforms effortlessly. Previous companies he’s worked for had to control their SMS, websites and email marketing distributions through three different systems. He says it’s a blessing to have it all in one.