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Our calendar system can provide multiple campus, staff and restricted permission levels. Sync your existing SharePoint, Google and Office 365 calendars to provide a single point of display.


Leave the hard work to us. No longer will you have to format your own content as our production team will handle the build of all your newsletters. Send through your content in a word document and we’ll have your newsletter back within 8 business hours. If you want control, take advantage of our ‘DIY’ newsletter service.


Want to know how many of your parents are seeing the newsletters you’re putting all your work into? All of our newsletters have detailed analytics. We record your newsletter open rates, bounced emails and link clicks of your email.


No longer do you need multiple subscriptions to polling and survey websites. Our built-in polls and surveys deliver the answers you’re searching for, with the results displayed inside your Schoolzine account.


Display all your upcoming events on your Schoolzine Calendar. Manage your parent and teacher evenings or other events with ease using our online event booking web forms, RSVP emails and even payment options.


Have a sports carnival or special presentation during the week? You’ve now got an unlimited number of photos inside your newsletter. Our galleries make easy work of browsing photos.


Gain maximum coverage of your newsletter by linking your newsletter distributions to your major social networking profiles. There will be no excuse for parents not seeing your newsletters. Vice versa, show your social media feeds on your Schoolzine eNewsletter.