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Our Testimonials

I am really pleased with the newsletter and now that I am more aware of the whole process I can only see that future editions will be bigger and better! Dani was really supportive during the process and was always on hand to offer advice. I found it really helpful being able to email Dani the draft newsletter first so that she could check that I was following the correct procedures and advise on layout etc.
Louise Ridge, Head of School, East Dene Primary School
We’re happy with this newsletter, it was a success! I’m happy with how it went for this 1st edition. Dani is always very available to help which makes it easier!
Martina Ruel, Executive Assistant, OneSchool Europe
I've been really satisfied with how well the newsletters have worked at both Heath Park and Moseley Park so far.
I know with the different ethnic backgrounds of children and parents, the e-newsletter would be a great medium to engage with the parents as they are provided with an option to choose their own language and everything is translated automatically.
We can also consolidate information like the calendar into one, displaying it on both the newsletter and the website (and is something parents can subscribe to on their phones).
The statistics are great too, in that we have been able to see which of our parents opened the newsletter etc.
I think it's well worth considering.
Nick Davies, Web Systems Developer, Heath Park and Moseley Park
The support provided was absolutely brilliant – very responsive and informative, which is what we like to get! I found the system to be very intuitive and easy to use. The process of producing the newsletter was straightforward. We got lots of articles from our Approved Partners, and will hopefully be able get more for future issues.
Sue Edwards, Managing Director, LASBM