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Our Testimonials

"The Schoolzine SZapp was exactly what we needed. Parents were unhappy that our communication was on several different platforms that required them to actively check to see if information had been added. The app pushes notifications out, has a clear calendar of events and has been enthusiastically adopted by our parents. A typical comment being ‘Having to check website, Facebook etc to see if there is anything relevant to your child is frustrating. With alerts from SZapp directly to my phone this should be eliminated."
John Siddles, Deputy Head, Moorlands Primary Academy
"I am really pleased with the newsletter and now that I am more aware of the whole process I can only see that future editions will be bigger and better! I found it really helpful being able to email Schoolzine the draft newsletter first so that they could check that I was following the correct procedures and advise on layout etc."
Louise Ridge, Head of School, East Dene
"We’re happy with this newsletter, it was a success! I’m happy with how it went for this 1st edition. Schoolzine is always very available to help which makes it easier!"
Martina Ruel, Executive Assistant, OneSchool Europe
"As a school we've found the Schoolzine platform to be an invaluable tool in further developing our communication with stakeholders. I've found the software to be reliable and easy to navigate through, making the process incredibly efficient. Our school site fell victim to the recent flooding in the area and Schoolzine was a superb way of keeping our parents and carers notified in a transparent and effective manner. Their customer service has always been exceptional and deal with things both professionally and speedily. We look forward to how we can further embed the service over the next academic year."
Matt Trevor, Deputy Head Teacher, Woodthorpe JI School, Birmingham
"I can’t praise Schoolzine highly enough. We had problems with outsourcing our website last year, something that was costing me personally huge amounts of time. I decided to follow up a contact within Schoolzine to see if they could help. When I contacted them they were brilliant. They had a new (fully functioning and better) site up and running in no time.

The Schoolzine App is now functioning very well for us too and a big parent pleaser for information. Seriously good company who will look after you and who understand schools."
Philip Mooney, Headteacher, St Mary’s Catholic High School
"Schoolzine have helped our school in so many ways. Their app has enabled us to connect with parents that have previously felt uncontactable, and parents love reading our newsletter on their phone. The control centre is super easy to use and I know I can call the team anytime if I need any help or advice"
Sarah Plaskitt, Executive Headteacher, Snitterfield Primary School
"The support provided was absolutely brilliant – very responsive and informative, which is what we like to get! I found the system to be very intuitive and easy to use. The process of producing the newsletter was straightforward. We got lots of articles from our Approved Partners, and will hopefully be able get more for future issues."
Sue Edwards, Managing Director, LASBM
"As a new school getting ready to open in just a few weeks, I am really pleased that we have partnered with Schoolzine. They have listened carefully to what we want to achieve and supported our communication with parents, enabling everything to be streamlined at JTFS from the start. We have a website ready to launch soon, school app and news feed available now which will help engage our new parents and prospective ones as well as being effective communication tools. We’ve had great feedback already from parents and we only launched last week! Thanks Emily Halderthay #communication"
Sue Plant, Headteacher, John Taylor High School