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Secondary School Examples

Secondary Examples

Here’s a brief guide to the Schoolzine platform. Included in our services are some fantastic features; unlimited mobile friendly content, a dynamic calendar, parents evening booking system, spot polls, surveys and eForms with digital signatures.

Pick and choose components based on your requirements or use the whole platform for consistent branding across your schools.


Secondary Szapp

SZapp is an important and powerful communication tool for schools.  Use push notifications and completely replace other communication methods such as email and text messaging.

Imagine having all your school information easily accessible in one place and how happy your parent community will be.

SZapp is fully customised to your school’s individual needs as part of our standard set up process. This includes creating custom tiles, integrating your existing systems and setting up groups for your community to join.

Watch our 2 minute demo


Your Newsletter and News Feed Solution

Demo Secondary School

This professional looking news feed enables you to share articles, events, pictures and videos with your parents and community. Create unlimited mobile and tablet responsive eNewsletters from this news feed in minutes.

Enable your students, teachers and the PTA to instantly upload articles and events for approval, which can then be published directly to your feed. Custom filtering capabilities allow your readers to search and find articles to suit their needs. You can also push articles out via the app and sync events into the calendar.

Want to know who is reading your newsletters? Every email sent has in depth statistics showing open and bounce rates and more. Feature packed with digital eForms, dynamic calendar, parents evening booking system, surveys and spot polls, and pay as you go options available.

Click here to see an example


Demo Secondary School

Schoolzine offers schools a professional, cost effective, user friendly, integrated website solution that can help your website become OFSTED compliant.

Your website will be customised to your school’s requirements as part of our set up process. This includes webpages formatted with photos, videos, and engaging content. All website content is mobile supported and our control centre is easy to use. Our templates give your school the freedom to update content and create pages at any time.

Click here to see an example

Control Centre


All Schoolzine products are managed through the Control Centre. Submit your newsletters, update your news feed, edit your website and send unlimited messages all from the one central location.