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Communicate End of Term News Like a Pro


Communicate End of Term News Like a Pro

Anyone that works in a school knows only too well how quickly the summer term comes around. It might’ve felt like yesterday when teachers were helping reception students embark on the beginning of their academic journeys, yet in the blink of an eye, the year six cohort are waving goodbye to their primary school days and looking forward to their next chapter. 

With the final half term now upon us, after which the academic year draws to a close, it's crucial for schools to effectively communicate the very busy 'End of Term’ period to their parent community. This ensures that everyone is well-informed about important events and stays connected over the summer holidays. In this article, we'll explore some effective communication strategies and provide examples of how schools can engage their UK parent community during this time. 

Celebrating Sports Days: Capture the Excitement!


So long as the day isn’t spoiled by the unpredictable British weather, sports days are a highlight of the school year, showcasing the athletic prowess and team spirit of students.  

Before the event, make sure that you give parents plenty of notice, with provisional back up dates should the weather not play ball. Remember to include the schedule to ensure maximum participation and support, but also to help busy parents who may not be able to join for the entire event. Include practical reminders about the day, for example a list of what to bring: Sun cream, a hat, change of clothes, or waterproofs! 

If you have a calendar, include it on that and send reminders to parents in the lead up via the newsletter and app notification. 

When communicating sports day highlights, consider using a newsletter format with a plethora of vibrant photos. These visual representations enable parents to relish their child's achievements and share in their joy, especially if they weren’t able to spectate. A mobile friendly newsletter which allows for galleries of photos and also videos mean the parents can relive the special moments time and again. 

Welcoming New Parents: Provide Clear Information


For parents with children starting in September, it is essential to provide all necessary information and create a smooth transition. Make sure your school's website calendar is up to date, featuring important dates such as parent orientation sessions, uniform shopping links and meet-and-greet events. Additionally, ensure that new parents have all the information they need to download the school app, providing easy access to news, calendars, and communication channels ahead of their start date in the autumn term. 

Consider a dedicated page on your website for new parents, providing a comprehensive guide to everything they need to know before their child's first day. The page could include an FAQ section, links to download the school app, and contact details of key staff members to address any queries. 

If you have functionality like Schoolzine’s newsletter builder, you could easily consider creating a newsletter that’s specifically dedicated to new starters and their parents. This could include information on the reception teacher, and perhaps details about ‘buddy’ schemes and what a typical day looks like.  

Farewell to Leaving Students: Celebrate Their Journey

As some students prepare to move on to new chapters in their lives, it's important to celebrate their accomplishments and bid them farewell with warmth and appreciation. Organise celebration assemblies where leaving students are acknowledged for their achievements, and create a sense of nostalgia by including a range of memorable photos in the end-of-term newsletter. 


For example, the school could organise a special assembly to honor leaving students, where each individual is recognised for their unique contributions. The end-of-term newsletter could then showcase a collection of heartfelt messages, memorable anecdotes, and photos capturing their journey through the years. This serves as a lasting keepsake for students and their families. 

Keeping in Touch Over the Summer: Foster a Sense of Community

To maintain a strong connection with parents during the summer holidays, schools should provide avenues for ongoing communication. Consider including recommended summer reading lists, and suggestions for educational activities can be shared. 

For lots more information about maintaining the connection over the summer, read our dedicated article on Keeping In Touch here. 

Effective communication of 'End of Term News' plays a crucial role in fostering strong relationships between schools and their parent community. By utilising tools such as newsletters, video, photo galleries, updated websites, and digital platforms, schools can ensure that parents stay informed, engaged, and connected during this extended transitional period. By implementing these strategies, schools can create a positive and inclusive environment where parents feel involved in their child's education journey. 

If your school would like help engaging with parents both at the end of term and also throughout the rest of the year, get in touch.