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Our Story

The beginnings of Schoolzine

Established in 2007

Schoolzine was established back in January 2007 after a chance meeting between a parent (Phil Reardon) and a primary school principal, while watching their children playing football. Rather than focussing on the game at hand they began a discussion on how they could revolutionise the communications between the school and the parent community.

Building the Schoolzine Company

It was decided to invite ten principals (eight were able to attend), in the area to a round table discussion. A presentation of some ideas was tabled and was very well received. Schoolzine was born. The University of the Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre immediately embraced the idea and Schoolzine was operational within three weeks. These schools are still using Schoolzine today.

It is globally accepted that when a school engages the parents, in their child's life at school, it ultimately leads to a better educational outcome for that student.

Phil Reardon - CEO Schoolzine


Schoolzine Evolution

Since day one, our philosophy has always been one of collaboration. Through regular communication and feedback from schools, over the next ten years, the platform grew into the Parent Engagement Platform. This collaborative process continues to drive our road map of development today.

But one thing has never changed. We have always understood the need for schools to feel supported. Our 'hand holding policy' of unlimited technical support has remained a key feature of our service. It will remain for years to come.

We are proud to say that we have offices across the globe supporting schools from 20+ countries in multiple different languages. Our philanthropic arm ensures that no school is left behind as we agreed in 2019 after a partnership with the Mechai Bamboo School in Thailand, to offer our platform to a school-in-need for free for every paying school we sign.

Don't just take our word...

"The support provided was absolutely brilliant – very responsive and informative, which is what we like to get! I found the system to be very intuitive and easy to use. The process of producing the newsletter was straightforward."

Sue Edwards
Managing Director, LASBM

"Schoolzine have helped our school in so many ways. Their app has enabled us to connect with parents that have previously felt uncontactable. The control centre is super easy to use and I know I can call the team anytime if I need any help or advice."

Sarah Plaskitt
Executive Headteacher, Snitterfield Primary School

"We’re happy with this newsletter, it was a success! I’m happy with how it went for this 1st edition. Schoolzine is always very available to help which makes it easier!"

Martina Ruel
Executive Assistant, OneSchool Europe

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