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ENewsletter Features

eNewsletter eNewsletter

Schoolzine’s eNewsletter solution will allow you to publish news, as it happens and distribute periodic eNewsletters.

  • Schoolzine Control Centre - Email, SMS and RSS
  • Publish articles to a Live News Stream
  • Build, publish and distribute unlimited eNewsletters
  • Build digital content pages
  • Unlimited content and article indexing (photos, galleries and videos)
  • Custom eForms with digital signatures
  • Dynamic calendar and events
  • Spot polls and surveys
  • Google translate - 100 languages at the click of a button
  • Responsive across mobile, tablet and desktop
  • eNewsletter impression and user activity data
  • Automated, printable PDF version of your eNewsletter
  • Integrate with social media, school portals, payment portals and more
  • Enable students, teachers and the parent organisations to instantly upload articles and events for approval (optional)
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Features Overview

Control centre

Build, publish and communicate all from one central login. All Schoolzine products are managed through one easy to use Control Centre. Enjoy seamless integration across all our products.


Build, publish and distribute eNewsletters with unlimited content.

Live news Stream

Publish articles to a Live News Stream on your website or parent portal.


Create, send, measure and manage notifications and emails to your entire community across multiple channels instantly.


Want to know who is reading your newsletters? Every email sent has in-depth statistics showing open and bounce rates, and more.

Schoolzine Calendar

A mobile friendly solution gives parents the ability to filter by year or groups, then sync the events that are important to them with one click. With options to add RSVP, payment links and secured staff calendars, your school has complete flexibility.

Custom eforms with digital signatures

Interactive and customisable forms for absentees, enrolments, sign-ups, excursions and more. Include digital signatures for greater security.

Photo Galleries and Videos

Unlimited media content ability. Don’t get stuck having to choose only a couple of images to show parents, display as many images as you want with unlimited mobile responsive galleries and video display.

Google Translate

Translate your eNewsletters, web pages, eForms and app notifications into over 100 languages at the click of a button.

PDF Print

Generate fully formatted, printable PDF versions of your eNewsletter and calendar.

Social media Integration

Gain maximum coverage of your newsletter by linking your newsletter distributions to your major social networking profiles. Also vice versa, show your social media feeds across the Schoolzine platform.

Spot Polls

Polls are a great way of making your newsletters engaging. Show your parents that their opinions matter. Make them fun or ask serious questions and have the results displayed instantly.


A great way to gain feedback on more complex subjects from parents and students. With a mobile friendly format, integrate surveys with SZapp, newsletters and websites. Responses are private and are collated or exported from your Control Centre.

External Submissions

Enable students, teachers and the parent organisations to instantly upload articles and events for approval.


Unlimited training and support for your entire team.

Showcase all the great things your school is doing

Use our platform to take the headache out of formatting the newsletter. Send out mobile friendly, interactive eNewsletters that are bursting with relevant information about your students and school. Schoolzine’s eNewsletters allow your school to create a vibrant testament of student achievement and celebrate the great things going on at school. Create content that parents will actually look forward to receiving and distribute through multiple channels.

This professional looking news stream enables you to share articles, events, photos and videos with your parents and community as they happen. Create unlimited mobile and tablet responsive eNewsletters from this news stream in minutes.


Give parents what they want to see, how they want to see it!

The Schoolzine eNewsletter builder will make it easy for you to give parents what they want to see. Your eNewsletter can now be packed to the brim with photos and videos that will look great on any mobile or tablet device.

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Don't just take our word...

"The support provided was absolutely brilliant – very responsive and informative, which is what we like to get! I found the system to be very intuitive and easy to use. The process of producing the newsletter was straightforward."

Sue Edwards
Managing Director, LASBM

"Schoolzine have helped our school in so many ways. Their app has enabled us to connect with parents that have previously felt uncontactable. The control centre is super easy to use and I know I can call the team anytime if I need any help or advice."

Sarah Plaskitt
Executive Headteacher, Snitterfield Primary School

"We’re happy with this newsletter, it was a success! I’m happy with how it went for this 1st edition. Schoolzine is always very available to help which makes it easier!"

Martina Ruel
Executive Assistant, OneSchool Europe

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