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Schoolzine Insights

Social media tips for Schools

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, so it's essential for primary schools to adapt and leverage these platforms to foster better parent engagement.

6 Things to Include on a Primary School App

More than ever before, effective communication between schools and parents plays a vital role in creating a supportive and engaged learning community. One powerful tool that primary schools can utilise is a parent engagement app.

The Digital Calendar

A digital calendar is a must-have component of a school’s communication strategy. Read our article to discover what features it should include.

Communicate End of Term News Like a Pro

The last half term of the year is always very busy for schools. In our latest article, we discuss ways how to best communicate all the events happening in your school.

The Pay360 Purchase

Have you been affected by the Capita sale of Pay360 to The Access Group? Read our article for more detail on this topic and ways to minimise its impact.

Consistent MAT Branding

In this article, we explore ways that Multi Academy Trusts can streamline their member schools and ensure their branding remains consistent.

Two Click News

In this article, we outline the reasons why a newsletter on a separate URL in an email is superior to a newsletter in the main body of an email.

How to not share not-so-exciting news

Not everything a school shares is exciting and immediately interesting. In this article, we offer ways to communicate the not-so-exciting but vital school information.

Engaging With Low Income Families

Does a large proportion of your school population claim school meals, and have a high deprivation pupil premium? Understand how to engage with these parents in our article.


Ofsted have recently downgraded 80% of previous ‘outstanding’ schools. What part does parent engagement play in an Ofsted inspection? Read our article to discover more.

School Fundraising Tips & Ideas

In our article, understand how to improve fundraising in your school, plus enjoy some tips on how to communicate these to parents

Parents evening bookings

Parents' evenings are a rare opportunity to make individual contact with your school community to discuss students' progress.

How to engage with EAL parents

Parents with English as an additional language (EAL) can sometimes feel isolated and disconnected from their child's life at school.

Signs you need a new website

Is your school website fit for 2022 and beyond? If yours is more than five years old, check out our five indicators that yours might need updating.

Why a school app is a good idea vs texts

When texts were first introduced in schools over a decade ago, they were deemed as being the future of school communications. They were simple, effective, and far better value for money.

5 ways to create an engaging digital school newsletter

Sending regular newsletters are important for obvious reasons; they inform parents of significant dates, news and events, they promote the great things that are happening in school, and crucially, they should celebrate student successes.

5 ways to improve parent engagement

Maintaining a good level of parent engagement in schools has become a real challenge in the past 18 months, with remote learning, new processes and high absence levels thrown into the mix.