How to streamline the branding in your Multi Academy Trust

Top tips on Streamlining your schools in a Trust

As organisations that manage multiple schools under a single governing body, Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) allow for greater efficiency and streamlining across schools. However, maintaining a consistent brand across all their centres can be a challenge; especially if they are large MATs, have inherited a large number of new schools, or are spread across a wide geographical area. 


Here are some top tips for MATs in the UK on how to keep the branding of their schools consistent and streamline them.


1. Establish a brand identity


It is important to establish a clear brand identity for the MAT that all schools can follow. This includes a logo, colour scheme, and typography that are used consistently across all schools. A strong brand identity helps to build recognition and trust with stakeholders.


Central trusts should try to choose a common theme that runs through most or all of the individual schools, and incorporate that into their logo and branding. It should be simple, but at the same time represent their heritage and ethos as an MAT.


2. Develop brand guidelines 


Once the brand identity has been established, it is important to develop brand guidelines. These guidelines should include details on how the marketing collateral should be used. They should also include guidelines on the tone of voice and messaging that should be used in marketing materials and communications like social media, newsletters and emails.


3. Use a centralised system 


Implement a centralised system that allows for the easy creation and distribution of marketing materials and communications like digital newswletters, app notifications and website content. This could be a cloud-based platform that allows staff members to access materials and resources from any location. 

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The Schoolzine platformallows this functionality, with secure log in capability and restricted access for different staff members. With the right permissions, staff at all levels of the MAT can create content for newsletters at either a school level. At the same time, the trust can easily control the branding, logos and even the content of each and every school and trust newsletter. 

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4. Consistency across channels & schools


A platform like Schoolzine can be incredibly helpful for schools in Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) who want to maintain a consistent brand identity. With this parent engagement platform, schools can create professional-looking newsletters, emails, and other marketing materials that adhere to the MAT's brand guidelines.


One of the biggest advantages of using Schoolzine is the ability to use the same format and template for all communications. This means that all schools within the MAT can create newsletters that look the same, making it easier for parents, students, and staff members to recognise and identify the MAT's brand. 


5. Social media rules


Of course, guarding an MAT’s identity goes way beyond newsletters and website content. It’s also crucial to ensure the trust’s correct positioning is portrayed on social media. This involves monitoring social media channels to ensure that schools are using appropriate branding and messaging. This is particularly important as social media is often the first point of contact for parents and prospective students.


In conclusion, maintaining a consistent brand across all schools in an MAT is essential for building recognition and trust with all stakeholders, whether they are parents, staff, students or the wider community. 


By establishing a brand identity, developing brand guidelines, using a centralised system and monitoring social media, trusts can successfully streamline their branding and ensure consistency across all schools

To discuss how Schoolzine’s parent engagement platform can help you achieve this, contact us for a demo.